Portrait photographer based in Guelph ON specializing in graduation, lifestyle, professional headshots and food photography.

Portraits & Food


ABout me

Hi, I'm Yu Hang.

A Malaysian freelance portrait photographer based in St. John's NL. I discovered my love for photography after writing many Facebook statuses, deleted them, and posted photos instead (let's be honest, who doesn't like to post a food photo in the middle of the night to torture some hungry souls online?). Want to know more about me?


Winter Sessions

recital posters, professional headshots, events  |  Jan - March 2019



Let it be your graduation, a creative vision in your mind,
or a casual event, photography has the power to

witness, record and celebrate.





Professional Headshot




Yu Hang's

Growing up in Malaysia, "agak-agak je lah!" has become my cooking philosophy. 

It means cooking intuitively,
there's no need to be overly precise.

Don't be surprised to see "agak-agak je lah" amount of something in my recipes. Follow your heart. 


“I noticed Karen’s desktop picture on her laptop
and asked if it was one of your photos. It was.

Your photos go beyond simply reproducing an image;
they evoke a feeling. It’s something that resonates beyond the people within, or the subject matter of, the photo itself.

And that’s how I knew it was your photo.”



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